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Video and Photos

Mt Palomar Motorcycle Photography

Harleys, Ninjas, Cyclists, Cars


Folders are categorized by year and  dates filmed.

  1. First;  click year folder.

  2. Second;  click date folder and you will see Thumbnails for videos and photos.  At times high mb, so wait, its slow.

  3.                                 There are two (2) "Folders" each day.

  4.            (Folder #1) Video and Frame Capture Photos

  5.          (Folder #2)  The "M" Photo.

  6. Click a Thumbnail in the lower row to expand it.


A Frame-Capture Photo Thumbnail is a photo taken from that video clip.

This Frame-Capture Thumbnail has a number stamp.

The adjacent Thumbnail (.flv) with the same number stamp is the video file associated with that photo.

                   To play video again, click the "Thumbnail"again. 

If you see 2 or more Thumbnails with the same number stamp, then, all of those people are somewhere within the video .flv.


To replay Video, just re-click the Thumbnail again.


Enter Gallery of "Videos & Frame Photos" and the "M" Photos  


Definitions; what you are purchasing.


Promotional Offer: 

 Military receives a 50% discount.
Files are sent email, larger files are sent via U-Send-it, free service.


Frame Capture:                   $10.00 A captured Frame Photo from within the video clip.

   Military  frame-capture:  $5.00   Prints up to 18 inches.


Video:                                  $15.00. A short video clip in HD of bikers coming around the corner.

   Military  video:                $8.00.  Several video clips are really nice to watch, like a video slide show, looping.


"M" Photo:                         $20.00.  Prints up to,,, Glitch only 18 inches now. Working on the error.

   Military â€œM” Photo:        $10.00.


Knee Down:      is a pre-pay event       $30.00.  A series of photos, (100 plus snapshots).  Coming around the bend.

   Military  Knee Down:  $15.00.  You will get all (100 plus) photos.


If requested I will crop a picture for you.

The file is yours for life.  But not for commercial use.  Written permission is required.
You can place it on You-Tube, etc.