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 Mt Palomar Photo, Videos in HD widescreen, Photos of bikers, cycleist, Hogs, Cars, Weekends date,

Mt Palomar Motorcycle Photography

Harleys, Ninjas, Cyclists, Hot Cars, Hot Chicks

Mt Palomar Photo, Videos in HD Widescreen, Palomar Photographer


View Mt. Palomar weather cam,  Web Cam screwy at times, check date on picture,    http://palomarmountainwebcam.com/

View Mt. Palomar forecast next few days;



Raw video files purchased are around 10 times the size in mb.  

  Give videos TIME to load.




Video in Wide-Screen

and offering digital "Frame Capture Photo" files in .jpg.

Mt Palomar Photography, video clips and photos of Palomar Mountain Motorcycle Photography.

Objective - many years from now some will appreciate a wider view of the scenery,

of  Mt. Palomar, Lake Henshaw, Pauma Valley.  Welcome.


While videoing, being focused on the bike's position I need two hands operational.  I now see most of the hand waves but cannot respond.

I acknowledge the hand waves (even the finger gestures) with a Frame Capture (snapshot). lol


To play these video clips, you will need Windows Media Player.

Give videos TIME to load.       

Cattle Guard Turn                                                      The Kill Zone



  The "S" Turns, Filming 9-10 am weekends       MM,, Mile Marker 48.2  Call Box, Filming 10-11:15 am                          The "S" Turns                      





Mile Marker 48.2  Call Box                                    Mile Marker 48.2  Call Box                                                     The "S" Turns                     



    Irene's Turn,  MM 43.2-43.4                                                MM 48.2                                                                     MM48.2                          


MM 46


Harley Runs-



Video Processing; takes approximately 8-12 hours.  The normal video clip (file) averages 30mb converted down to 2-3 mb.

Converted file quality and color is not true to the raw HD Wide-Screen file burned to a DVD.. 

  1. First;      "M" Photos get posted.  Immediately after arriving home, within 2 hours.

  2. Second;   Than the " Frame Photos" and or the "Knee Down Photos" get processed.  Takes several hours.

  3. Third;     "Videos" get processed. This takes a long time. 

                                       Palomar Mountain Photographer.


Thank you, I got the photos and they are great! My husband loves the pictures of himself on his new bike. You do very nice work.
Have a wonderful holiday,



I am in receipt of the Video file you took of myself on my Harley Davidson up on Mt. Palomar.

I am very impressed with the quality of this video and would highly recommend these to anyone

that you have taken pictures or videos of. Tom Triol (Tomtccc@att.net), I am that impressed with the quality.

Thank you again,

Tom Triol


Frame capture is good, 1920 by 1080 full screen picture with good resolution and you can zoom in as much as possible until resolution is lost.
 Kevin  North, San Diego


hi tony!!
im the first one and the second one is my bro.
quality looks really nice. thanx.
I am getting better at videoing, takes time.

for all the nice people that wave, thanks. It is hard for me, concentrating on keeping the bike[s] centered
in the view-finder,  that I do not recognize the hand wave until I am reviewing the videos that evening at home. 
I feel guilty not recognizing you guys. You do bring a smile to my face when I view the videos in the evening.

Burn the RAW file (.m2ts)to a DVD it is great, viewed up to 55 inch wide screen.   A wide screen brings out the Rider and the Mountain.  Must see.

With a video you can do your own Frame Capture Photo. Make any Frame into a Photo.  "Snapshot"

Some use VLC Player, Picasa, Windows Media Player, iSkySoft etc. software's.   "Snapshot."
 Free-ware, try "Tipard Video Converter" to reduce the file size if your computer is slow.



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